Boise: The Most Attractive City to Move in 2020

Did you know that in 2020, Boise was one of the most moved to cities in the country? According to, “Four times as many people moved into Boise, ID than left it”. 

What makes Boise a desirable place to live? 

Downtown Boise is booming. New construction is all over the area. The Zions Bank building, completed in 2014, is the tallest building in the state and sits at the city’s center. Locally sourced food and drink dominate the summer patio scene. Boise’s residents may spend their days enjoying nature, but they fill their evenings dining on locally sourced cuisine, enjoying an opera performance and sipping delicious cocktails.

Boise is growing quickly but still retains it’s “small town” feel. The city is great for both families and young professionals looking for a safe and exciting place to live. 

About 45 min from Boise is Bogus Basin where locals enjoy skiing with a great view of the city. During the winter also enjoy snow shoeing or winter tubing. The summer also has fun activities like hiking, horse back riding and mountain biking. You can even take the mountain coaster through the forest.

Boise is home to the largest Basque Community in the United States. The Basque Center in downtown Boise has restaurants that serve traditional Basque cuisine. The Basque Museum and Cultural Center is full of history of their people and cultural practices. Jaialdi (Basque Festival) is held in Boise every five years. So if you enjoy learning about other cultures, Boise is a great place to be. 

Idaho’s capital sits squarely on the boundary of urban and rural, civilized and wild, refined and raw. Yes, there are wilder places. Yes, there are more urbane places. But Boise is a good place to live if you enjoy easy access to both.